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Steuart may refer to:


Given name:

  • Steuart Bayley GCSI, CIE (1836–1925), British civil servant and Lieutenant-Governor of Bengal 1879–1882
  • Steuart Bedford (born 1939), British orchestral and opera conductor
  • Steuart Campbell (born 1937), Edinburgh-based skeptic and investigative science writer born in Birmingham
  • George Steuart Hume (1747–1787), Maryland physician and landowner who emigrated to Scotland before the American Revolutionary War
  • Steuart Pringle, of Stichill KCB DSC (born 1928), Commandant General Royal Marines, seriously injured by an IRA bomb
  • Steuart Smith, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, writer, producer with American rock band the Eagles
  • Steuart Walton, American heir, attorney, businessman, philanthropist.
  • Steuart Wilson (born 1889), singer, famous for tenor roles in oratorios and concerts, and a musical administrator


See also

  • Seton-Steuart Baronets, later Seton-Steuart Baronetcy, of Allanton in the County of Lanark, a title in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom
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