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The Campeonato Sudamericano de Clubes Campeones de Básquetbol (Portuguese: Campeonato Sul-Americano de Clubes Campeões de Basquetebol, English: South American Basketball Championship of Champions Clubs), or Campeonato Sudamericano de Clubes de Básquetbol (South American Basketball Club Championship), was an international men's professional basketball cup competition that took place between South American sports clubs. It was originally organized by the South American Basketball Confederation, and then later by FIBA Americas. It was played annually between the league champions in each country, plus the winner of the previous edition.


The South American Championship of Champions Clubs, which was founded in 1946, was the first international competition that was played between basketball clubs from South America, and it was the first-tier and most important club competition in South America until 1993, when the Pan American Club Championship supplanted it in importance. With the emergence of the new FIBA South American League in 1996, the South American Championship of Champions Clubs became the third-tier international club championship in South America. The competition was finally discontinued in the year 2008, after the new top-tier level FIBA Americas League had been recently formed in December 2007.

  • 1st-tier: (1946 – 1992)
  • 2nd-tier: (1993 – 1996, 2001 – 2007)
  • 3rd-tier: (1996 – 2000, 2008)


The competition was hosted in one or more cities. In the first round, the eight clubs were divided in two groups of four teams each. The two best placed teams of each group advanced to the semifinals. In the semifinals, the first placed team of a group played against the other group's runner-up. The final was contested by the semifinal winners.

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