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Shulamit “Shuli” Natan (Hebrew: שׁוּלָמִית „שׁוּלִי” נָתָן‎ Shuli Natan; often anglicised: Shuly Nathan, born March 16, 1947 in London) is an Israeli singer best known for singing "Jerusalem of Gold" (Yerushalayim Shel Zahav), written by Naomi Shemer. It was immensely popular shortly before the Six-Day War, and made her world-famous. It is still very popular in Israel and in Jewish communities worldwide.


Her recent albums feature Israeli songs, works of Shlomo Carlebach and songs from Judaism. She gives concerts in Israel and internationally and is in some ways the "Joan Baez" of Israel. Since she first electrified Israel with her heartfelt rendition of the then unknown song "Jerusalem of Gold", Natan has sung of the hope and the pain of the nation.

Since her historic performance in 1967, Natan has performed for countless audiences, in Israel and worldwide. Her unique voice holds the listeners in its spell, and every performance turns into a spontaneous sing-along.

In her 1999 CD Open Roads she included her versions of songs which are popular in Israel today, such as David D'Or's "Watch Over Us, Child" and Rami Kleinstein's hit, "Never-Ending Miracles."[1]

Natan accompanies herself on the guitar, as she sings Israeli songs, folk songs from around the world, Hassidic and Yiddish songs and songs of the Mizrahi Jewish community. Natan sings in different languages including Hebrew, English, French, Ladino and Spanish.


  • Beloved Songs
  • Songs of Praise
  • Open Roads
  • Mostly Carlebach
  • 1967 Israel Song Festival album which made Jerusalem of Gold famous
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