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Title sequence to <i>Shaka Zulu</i>
Title sequence to Shaka Zulu

Shaka Zulu is a 1986 South African television series directed by William C. Faure and written by Joshua Sinclair for the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), based on Sinclair's novel of the same name (1985). It is based on the story of the king of the Zulu, Shaka (reigned 1816 to 1828), and the writings of the British traders with whom he interacted. It aired in U.S. syndication. Harmony Gold USA partly funded and distributed Shaka Zulu in spite of the economic sanctions at the time.[1] The series consists of 10 episodes of approximately 50 minutes each in duration.


Theme song

The theme song of the series, "We Are Growing", was sung by Margaret Singana.

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