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Rant (Ian Hunter album)
Rant (Ian Hunter album)

Rant is the 10th solo of Ian Hunter. Unlike some of his previous albums, Hunter wrote all tracks. It is also his most political album in 25 years.[2]

Track listing

All tracks written by Ian Hunter.


  • Ian Hunter - Vocals, Keyboard, Harmonica, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Backing Vocals
  • Andy York - Electric Guitar, Mandoguitar, Groovebox, Autoharp, Organ, Zither, Keyboards, Mandolin, Bass, Backing Vocals
  • Steve Holley - Drums, Percussion
  • Robbie Alter - Guitars, Bass, Piano
  • Tommy Mandel - Organ, Keyboards, Loops
  • Mickey Curry - Drums
  • John Conte - Bass
  • Rich Pagano - Backing Vocals, Bongos, Drums
  • James Mastro - Six string Fuzzbass, Mandolin, Electric Slide, Electric 12-string, Acoustic 12-string
  • Dane Clark - Drums
  • Doug Petty - Organ, Keyboards
  • Jesse Hunter Patterson - Gang Vocals
  • Lisa Ronson - Gang Vocals
  • Willie Nile - Gang Vocals
  • Rick Tedesco - Guitar, Gang Vocals
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