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The President of the National Council of Switzerland (German: Nationalratspräsident; French: Président du Conseil national, Italian: Presidente del Consiglio nazionale; Romansh: President dal cussegl naziunal) presides over the National Council and the Federal Assembly. The President (or Speaker) of the National Council is often considered the highest ranking representative of the Swiss federal state, but not head of state (see: Federal Council). In the official order of precedence, she or he ranks behind the members of the Federal Council, but before the President of the Swiss Council of States.

The President of the National Council is elected by the Council for a term of one year without the possibility of a consecutive second term.

List of Presidents of the National Council

² resigned per March 1, 2005

Statistics by canton

These counts by canton do not take in account the varying number of members per canton (in 2005: 1-34 members).

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