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<a href="/content/Ivo_R%C3%BCthemann" style="color:blue">Ivo Rüthemann</a>, PostFinance Top Scorer of <a href="/content/SC_Bern" style="color:blue">SC Bern</a>, 2009/10 Swiss champions.
Ivo Rüthemann, PostFinance Top Scorer of SC Bern, 2009/10 Swiss champions.

At the end of the season, the ice hockey player who has chalked up the most goals and assists (points) in the Swiss NLA and NLB for his team during the regular season is awarded the title of PostFinance Top Scorer. The reigning Top Scorer from each team wears a yellow flame-emblazoned shirt and helmet at all Championship matches. Once the qualifiers have taken place, the player with the most points in the league is then crowned the PostFinance Top Scorer of the NL A or NL B.


The «PostFinance Top Scorer» award was introduced in the 2002/2003 season. PostFinance’s aim is to provide the next generation of Swiss ice hockey players with direct, sustainable support. For each Top Scorer point, the youth section of the respective club receives CHF 200 (A league) and CHF 100 (B league). PostFinance also awards the same amount to the Swiss Ice Hockey Association for its youth teams. The PostFinance Top Scorer bonus payments are earmarked and must be used exclusively to support and train junior players. Thanks to PostFinance’s «Top Scorer» commitment, the next generation of Swiss ice hockey players have received financial support to the value of CHF 2.8 million since the 2002/2003 season.

PostFinance NLA Top Scorers[1]

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