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A politician is a person active in party politics, or a person holding or seeking office in government. Politicians propose, support and create laws or policies that govern the land and, by extension, its people. Broadly speaking, a "politician" can be anyone who seeks to achieve political power in any bureaucratic institution.


Politicians are people who are politically active, especially in party politics.

Media and rhetoric

Politicians are known for their rhetoric, as in speeches or campaign advertisements.

Rumor has always played a major role in politics, with negative rumors about an opponent typically more effective than positive rumors about one's own side.[10]

Bureaucracy and spoils

Once elected, the politician becomes a government official and has to deal with a permanent bureaucracy of non-politicians.


Mattozzi and Merlo argue that there are two main career paths which are typically followed by politicians in modern democracies.


Numerous scholars have studied the characteristics of politicians, comparing those at the local and national levels, and comparing the more liberal or the more conservative ones, and comparing the more successful and less successful in terms of elections.[15] In recent years, special attention has focused on the distinctive career path of women politicians.[16]Unfin]]Unfin]]*or example, there are studies of the "Supermadre" model in Latin American politics.

Many politicians have the knack to remember thousands of names and faces and recall personal anecdotes about their constituents—it is an advantage in the job, rather like being seven-foot tall for a basketball player.


Many critics attack politicians for being out of touch with the public.

In the popular image, politicians are thought of as clueless, selfish, incompetent and corrupt, taking money in exchange for goods or services, rather than working for the general public good.[21] Politicians in many countries are regarded as the "most hated professionals".[21]

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