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Planegg Castle
Planegg Castle

Planegg is a municipality in the district of Munich, in Bavaria, Germany. It is located on the river Würm, 13 km west of Munich (centre).


Koch Media has its head office in Planegg.[2] It also hosts many biotech-companies, like ADVA Optical Networking, GPC Biotech, MediGene and MorphoSys. In addition, the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology and the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry are located in the section of Martinsried.


There are two primary schools, the Grundschule Planegg and the Grundschule Martinsried, as well as the senior high school Feodor-Lynen-Gymnasium Planegg.[3]

The faculty of biology at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich is situated in Planegg.

Twin towns

  • [[INLINE_IMAGE|//|// 1.5x, // 2x|France|h15|w23|thumbborder flagicon-img flagicon-img]] Meylan, France, since 1987.
  • [[INLINE_IMAGE|//|// 1.5x, // 2x|Germany|h14|w23|thumbborder flagicon-img flagicon-img]] Bärenstein in Erzgebirge, since 1992.
  • [[INLINE_IMAGE|//|// 1.5x, // 2x|South Tyrol|h14|w23|thumbborder flagicon-img flagicon-img]] Klausen in Südtirol, since 2006.
  • [[INLINE_IMAGE|//|// 1.5x, // 2x|United Kingdom|h12|w23|thumbborder flagicon-img flagicon-img]] Didcot, United Kingdom, since 2012.[4]
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