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Pierre-Louis Couperin (14 March 1755 — 10 October 1789) was a French organist and composer, a member of the famous Couperin dynasty of composer-organists.


Like his brother Gervais-François, Pierre-Louis Couperin studied with his father Armand-Louis Couperin. On 19 April 1773, the board of Saint-Gervais-Saint-Protais appointed him as successor of his father. Pierre-Louis Couperin occupied the traditional family positions: He was an organist at Notre-Dame de Paris, where his brother succeeded him, but also at Saint-Gervais, Saint-Jean-en-Grève, the Carmes-Billettes and the Chapelle royale.

Pierre-Louis Couperin died shortly after his father and was buried with him in the Saint-Gervais church in the chapel de la Providence.


  • Romances for harpsichord
  • 1782: Air de Malbrough mis en variations
  • 1784: Allegro
  • 1784: Air de Tibulle et d'Élie
  • 1787: Romance de Nina mise en variations pour le clavecin, ou piano-forte

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