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Philippe Dodard (born 1954) is a Haitian graphic artist and painter. Born in Port-au-Prince, Dodard worked as an advertising illustrator. His works have been exhibited throughout Europe and the Americas.

He received the first prize in drawing at the Junior Seminary of St-Martial's College in 1966. He studied at the PotoMitan Art School with Jean-Claude "Tiga" Garoute, Patrick Vilaire and Frido Casimir. In 1973, he entered the Academy of Fine Arts. Then he worked as layout artist and founded a studio of audiovisual graphic arts. In 1978, he received a scholarship to the International School in Bordeaux, France, enabling him to specialize in Pedagogic Graphic Design. Two years later he received a scholarship from the Rotary International Foundation and left on tour with the Group Study Exchange of Haiti to give conferences on Haitian culture. His artwork has evolved to include large sculptures, fine iron works and fine jewelry design.

His paintings have inspired American fashion designer Donna Karan's 2012 Spring collection and a joint exhibition with her at Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami in Miami, Florida.[1]

Exhibitions (Selection)

2009 Irreversible, an international Art Project at Cisneros Fontanals Art Fondation(Cifo), Miami Florida represented by Galerie Marassa, Haiti Arte Americas 2009, with Galerie Marassa, Miami Beach convention Center. 2008 Metissage one man show with Galerie Marassa Haiti. Arte Americas 2008, with Galerie Marassa, Miami Beach convention center, Miami Florida 2007 Ica Fair, The international Caribbean Art fair with Galerie Marassa, The Puck Building, New York. Me and My Miror, presented by Galerie Marassa Haiti and GMI Art, Coral Gables, Florida 2006 The idea of Modernity in Haitian Contemporary Art, Broward Library, Fort Lauderdale, FL La Tohue, Galerie Jerome, Montreal, Canada. Art off the Main, Expression gallery, Soho, NY. 2005 Galerie Nader, Miami (solo exhibition). Origin, wheelhorse gallery, Greenwich, Connecticut (Solo). Festival Créole, Galerie Marassa et Action Foundation, Fort-Lauderdale, FL. 2004 Kafou Marassa, Galerie Marassa, Haiti. 2003 Abbaye de Daoulas : Vaudou, France. Papier Sensible, Galerie Marassa, Pétion-Ville Haiti (solo) 2002 Galerie Marassa, Sculptures 2001 Bonjour d’Haiti, first annual Haitian cultural heritage month, DASH, Miami (Solo). 2000 Galerie Soleil, Montreal, Canada (Solo). 1999 48th Venice Biennale, Italy Words of Light, Indiana Perdue University, Indianapolis (solo) Robert Ferst Center for the Art, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia (solo). A dance of celebration, with John & James Biggers, Water work Visual Art Center, NC (solo) Voile Metallique, Painting & Sculptures, Galerie Marassa, Pétion-Ville, Haiti (solo) 1998 Descente aux Enfers, Painting, Sculptures, Inks, with Tiga, Galerie Marassa, Haiti (solo) 20 years of History: Political Cartoons by Ph. Dodard, celebration of 100 years of the Newspaper Le Nouvelliste, Musee d’Art Haitien, Haiti (solo) De l’esclavage d’hier à notre Culture d’aujourd’hui, Arche de la Défense, Paris, France Caribbean Vision, Latin American Art Museum, Los Angeles Art Haïtien et Religion, Rettreti Art Centre, Finlande 1997 Mirage, (Paintings, Sculptures and Inks) Galerie Marassa, Pétion-Ville, Haiti (solo) Casas de Las Americas, La Havane, Cuba Caribbean Vision, Anacostia Museum Smithsonian Institution Caribe Entranabale, Ultimo Arte, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Caribbean Visions, Hartford Athenaeum, Connecticut 1996 Galerie Lakaye, Los Angeles, California (solo) IIIe Biennale de Peinture de la Caraïbe et de l’Amérique Latine, Musée d’Art Moderne, Santo Domingo 1995 Centre Wifredo Lam, La Havane Cuba Caribbean Visions, Peinture et Sculpture, Center of Fine Art, Miami Florida Biennale du Dessin de la Caraïbe, Musée d’Art Moderne Santo Domingo De Sève et d’Ecorce, chez Gerard with Galerie Marassa (solo) 1994 Soir d’Encrier (Ink on Paper), Heim America Fisher Island Gallery, Miami Beach, Florida (solo) Découverte Galerie Marassa, Andres Art Gallery, Paris, France Art Asia, Hong-Kong IVe Biennale Internationale de Peinture, Cuenca, Equateur

1993 Soir d’Encrier Casa de Francia and Galerie Marassa, Santo Domingo (solo) The Spirit in Haiti, Galerie Lakaye, Los Angeles, California (solo) Presentation of the Book Soir d’Encrier, Galerie Marassa, Haiti (solo) 1992 Art Miami 92, Galerie Marassa, Florida (solo). Soir d’Encrier, with Galerie Marassa, Haitian art Museum of College St-Pierre, Haiti (solo) Image Caraïbe, Espaces Carpeaux, Paris, France 500 Years After, Art Museum of the Americas, Washington D.C. 1991 Vision III with TIGA and Ronald Mevs, Galerie Armand Paris et Galerie Marassa 1990 Masque, Miroir et Totem, MPPR (Margaret Porter Public Relations), New York (solo) 1988 Noir et Blanc, Kay Tiga 1986 Opening of the Shakespeare Festival, Viscaya, Miami Florida (solo) 1984 L’Invisible, Colors of Dream and the Marvellous, Galerie Marassa, Haiti (solo) 1982 Aquatisme II, Galerie Marassa Haiti (solo) 1981 Aquatisme I, Galerie Marassa Haiti (solo)

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