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An official residence is the residence at which a nation's head of state, head of government, governor, religious leader, leaders of international organizations, or other senior figure officially resides. It may or may not be the same location where the individual conducts work-related functions or lives.

International organizations


  • Presidential Palace
  • Presidential Palace
  • Presidential Palace
  • Kiriri Presidential Palace
  • Unity Palace[1]
  • Presidential Palace
  • Presidential Palace
  • Brazzaville Presidential Palace
  • Presidential Palace
  • Government Building
  • Presidential Palace
  • Belle Vue (demolished; former summer residence of the President)
  • Presidential Palace
  • Presidential Palace
  • Presidential Palace
  • Presidential Palace
  • Presidential Palace
  • Presidential Palace
  • Lozitha Palace (King)

North America and Caribbean

  • Government House (Governor-General, formerly; kept for official government functions, visiting foreign dignitaries, and as House of Culture Museum)

The provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Quebec no longer have official residences for their lieutenant governors, but do provide them with accommodations; in the case of Ontario, only if necessary.

  • Casa Presidencial, Costa Rica (President)
  • Casa Presidencial
  • Palacio José Cecilio del Valle (President)

None. The President uses own private residence.

In every state of the Mexico the Palacio de Gobierno, or Government Palace, was the official residence the governor, they are now maintained solely as the relevant governor's offices.


  • Casa de la Corregidora (Governor mansion)

Note that some mayors in cities with an official mayor's residence choose instead to reside at their private residence, using the official residence for official functions only. This has occurred in the 21st century in Detroit and New York City, although as of 2016 the mayors of both cities live in the official residences. In the case of Denver, no mayor has ever lived in the official residence; the city instead makes it available to certain non-profit groups for special functions.

This section is reserved for official residences maintained by private, nongovernmental institutions.

South America

  • Palacio Quemado (President's office)
  • Palace of Calacoto (Official residence of the President)
  • Castillo blanco (Winter residence of the President)
  • Principado de la Glorieta (Summer residence of the President)
  • Villa Albina (Summer residence of the President)
  • Mercado street (Office prime minister)
  • Casa Verde (Official residence of the prime minister)


  • Residence of Zagulba – is the world's oldest presidential house and full-time residence of the President of Azerbaijan in Baku.
  • Presidential Palace – official residence and seat of the Presidential Administration
  • Government House is a government building palace various state ministries of Azerbaijan
  • Presidential Mountain Palace – Rest residence in Gabala
  • Rifa'a Palace (King)
  • Raghadan Palace (King)
  • Al Hummar Palace (used for state receptions)
  • Basman Palace (King)
  • Al Qasr al Sagheer (King)
  • Dasman Palace (Emir, formerly)
  • Emir's Palace (Emir)
  • Riyadh Qasr Malik Abdullah bin Abdulaziz (King)
  • Jeddah Qasr Malik Abdullah bin Abdulaziz (King)
  • Mina Royal Palace
  • Makkah Royal Palace
  • Cheong Nam Dae ("Cheong Wa Dae in the South") (President; no longer used)
  • Cheong Hae Dae ("Cheong Wa Dae on the Seashore") (President; no longer used)
  • Chongri Gonggwan ("Official Residence of the Prime Minister") (Prime Minister)
  • Daebeobwonjang Gonggwan ("Official Residence of the Chief Justice") (Chief Justice)
  • Most ministers of state and heads of administrative regions also have official residences, although they are not listed here.
  • Mustapha Pasha al-Abed's Palace (President)
  • Nazim Pashas's Palace (President)


  • Presidency Building
  • Konak Residence (visiting foreign dignitaries; also used for state receptions)
  • The Largo (A complex of government office buildings in Sofia): Dondukov 1 (The office of the Council of Ministers) Dondukov 2 (The office of the President) National Assembly office building
  • Boyana Residence (A complex of residential buildings outside Sofia): Home № 1 (National History Museum) Home № 2 (Residences of the members of the Cabinet) Villa Kalina (The home of the President)
  • Euxinograd (former royal residence outside Varna; currently used by the President and Prime Minister)
  •  French Polynesia Presidence (President of French Polynesia) Haut Commissariat (High Commissioner of French Polynesia)



Brandenburg/Prussia//East Germany/Former West Germany


  • Fort St. Angelo (former residence of the Grand Master, now restored)
  • Grandmaster's Palace (former residence of the Grand Master and the Governor, now housing the Office of the President and a museum)
  • Palazzo Vilhena (former residence of the Grand Master, now a museum)
  • Aħrax Tower (former summer residence of the Governor, now abandoned)
  • Casa Leoni (former residence of the Governor, now housing a government ministry)
  • Presidential Palace, Tiraspol
  • Blue Palace (Official Residence of the President)

Official estates of the Swiss Federal Council:


  • Villa Vailima


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