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The Nymphalinae are a subfamily of brush-footed butterflies (family Nymphalidae). Sometimes, the subfamilies Limenitidinae, and Biblidinae are included here as subordinate tribe(s), while the tribe Melitaeini is occasionally regarded as a distinct subfamily.


The traditionally recognized tribes of Nymphalinae are here listed in the presumed phylogenetic sequence:[1]

  • Coeini (six or seven genera)
  • Nymphalini – anglewings, tortoiseshells and relatives (about 15 genera, two are fossil)
  • Kallimini (about five genera)
  • Victorinini (four genera, formerly in Kallimini)
  • Junoniini (about five genera)
  • Melitaeini – fritillaries (about 25 genera)

Genera incertae sedis are:

In addition to these, Crenidomimas is sometimes placed here, but may belong in the Limenitidinae, genus Euryphura.

The Late Eocene fossil genus Lithodryas might belong here, but it is generally assigned to the Lycaenidae.

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