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Prince Mirza Shah at the <a href="/content/Red_Fort" style="color:blue">Imperial Palace</a>
Prince Mirza Shah at the Imperial Palace

Shahzada Mirza Shah Abbas Bahadur (1845 – 25 December 1910) was a prince of the Mughal Empire as the son of Emperor Bahadur Shah II, the last Emperor of India, through his wife Mubarrak-un-Nissa Khanum Begum.[1][2]

He was a younger brother of Prince Mirza Mughal and former Crown Princes Mirza Dara Bakht, Mirza Jawan Bakht, and Mirza Fath-ul-Mulk Bahadur. In 1858, the Mughal Era officially came to an end, signifying the end of a 332-year rule. In 1877, the title Emperor of India was taken by the British Royal Family starting with Queen Victoria.


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