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Midas Interactive Entertainment is a European publisher of computer, PDA, mobile phone and video games. Midas Interactive Entertainment is based on the outskirts of Braintree in Essex, England .

Most of the console games published by Midas are "budget" releases sold at a lower price than the majority of new titles, and are often localised Japanese titles - many of which were also released at a budget price in Japan.


Midas was originally founded as a Netherlands-based company called Midas Interactive Entertainment BV in 1998 by Paul Share. Unlike with other budget publishers, King wanted his company to offer original titles and sell them inexpensively worldwide instead of buying games from other publishers and selling them cheaply. The company introduced their first labels: Reality and Arena Games. Midas during this time focused exclusively on publishing games for Microsoft Windows and Macintosh.

In January 1999, Midas launched their Pocket Price Games label, alongside the compilation labels 2 in 1 and All in One Packs. A UK subsidiary known as Midas Interactive Entertainment Ltd. was founded in February of that year. Midas also acquired the Greenwich based game developer Interactive Entertainment Ltd. the same year, who would became a fully owned subsidiary of Midas. The company started to release games on the PlayStation in January 2000.

In 2001, Midas Interactive Entertainment Ltd. became the Corporate Headquarters for the Midas Interactive Entertainment Group. The original Netherlands-based office remains in operation for the bulk of International sales plus central European manufacturing, warehousing & distribution.

In 2005, Midas formed a sister company called Ghostlight, who would take control of localising Japanese titles for the European market from Midas. Both companies, alongside Laughing Jackal became part of holding company Majesty House Group.

As of 2012, Midas no longer releases new titles, and has since been focusing on re-releasing older titles on the PlayStation Network, mainly localised Simple Series titles that Agetec released in the United States.

Games published by Midas

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