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This is the named Melchior system, "a reference in all taxonomic courses",[1] detailing the taxonomic system of the Angiospermae according to A. Engler's Syllabus der Pflanzenfamilien (1964),[2] also known as "modified or updated" Engler system.

The collaborators in orders (and some families) were the following:

  • Hans Melchior in Casuarinales, Juglandales, Balanopales, Leitneriales, Salicales, Fagales, Urticales, Didiereaceae, Piperales, Aristolochiales, Guttiferales, Sarraceniales, Papaverales, Hydrostachyales, Podostemonales, Julianiales, Violales, Cucurbitales, Myrtiflorae, Umbelliflorae, Primulales, Tubiflorae, Plantaginales, Liliiflorae p. p., Spathiflorae and Microspermae.
  • G. Buchheim in Proteales, Cactales, Magnoliales and Ranunculales.
  • W. Schultze-Motel in Santalales, Balanophorales, Medusandrales, Rhamnales, Malvales, Diapensiales, Ericales and Cyperales.
  • Th. Eckardt in Polygonales, Centrospermae, Batales, Plumbaginales, Helobiae, Triuridales and Pandanales.
  • G. K. Schultze-Menz in Rosales.
  • H. Scholz in Geraniales, Rutales, Sapindales and Celastrales.
  • G. Wagenitz in Thymelaeales, Ebenales, Oleales, Gentianales, Dipsacales and Campanulales.
  • U. Hamann in Cyanastraceae, Pontederiaceae, Philydraceae, Juncales, Bromeliales and Commelinales.
  • E. Potztal in Graminales, Principes, Synanthae and Scitamineae.

subdivisiocode: lat promoted to code: la Angiospermae

  • Scytopetalaceae

Note: Sonderothamnus R.Dahlgren, 1968 is posterior to the publication of this work, and Stylapterus A.Juss. was included by G. Bentham & J.D. Hooker in Penaea.

Note: the classification of Thymelaeaceae was based on Domke 1934.[3]

  • Subfamily Gonystyloideae (Syn.:Gonystylaceae) Aetoxilon Amyxa Gonystylus Subfamily Aquilarioideae Tribe Microsemmateae Tribe Solmsieae Tribe Octolepideae Tribe Aquilarieae Subfamily Gilgiodaphnoideae (or Synandrodaphnoideae) Monotypic. It consists of genus Gilgiodaphne (currently synonym of Synandrodaphne Gilg), and species Gilgiodaphne paradoxa, syn. of Synandrodaphne paradoxa, from West Africa. Subfamily Thymelaeoideae Tribe Dicranolepideae Tribe Phalerieae Tribe Daphneae Tribe Thymelaeeae (Syn.:Gnidieae)
  • Family Elaeagnaceae Elaeagnus Hippophae Shepherdia
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