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Matthieu Bonafous in 1857
Matthieu Bonafous in 1857

Matthieu Bonafous (7 March 1793 – 22 March 1852) was a French botanist born in Lyon.[1]

Early life

Matthieu Bonafous was born on March 7, 1793 in Lyon, France.[2]


Bonafous wrote Histoire Naturelle, Agricole et Économique du Mäis, a monograph about maize, in 1836.[2][3] In it, he showed that corn was able to adapt to hostile weather conditions.[4] For example, it could grow in sand (as in New Jersey), in humid climate (like Colombia) or in cold weather (like the Apennine Mountains).[4]

He also wrote about mulberry trees and their use for raising silkworms in De la culture des Mûriers (1822) and Traité de l'éducation des Vers à Soie et de la culture du Mûrier (1840).[5]

The plant Bonafousia was named after him.[6]


He died on March 23, 1852.[2]

Other works

  • Bonafous, M. (1833). Traité du maïs, ou, Histoire naturelle et agricole de cette céréale [10] . Mémoires de la Société royale et centrale d'Agriculture.
  • Bonafous, M. (1822). De la culture des mûriers [11] . J.M. Barret.
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