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Louis Édouard Fournier (12 December 1857 – 10 April 1917) was a French painter and illustrator.

Fournier participated in many large-scale artistic endeavors, chief of which was the creation of frescoes for the decoration of the Grand Palais in Paris, in association with other artists including Alexandre Falguière. Fournier also created many mosaic friezes, considered at the time milestones in French art.

One of his most celebrated frescoes, "Aux gloires du Lyonnais et du Beaujolais" is in the Deliberation Room in the Council General of Rhône in Lyon. He also produced a series of paintings devoted to the beauties of Lyon, along with many wood carvings.

One of his most famous pictures is "The Funeral of Shelley" (1889), shown here.

Fournier also illustrated numerous books, including works of Jean de la Fontaine and Honoré de Balzac, most notably The Duchess of Langeais.

Further reading

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