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The Lollybot Collective is a multimedia art collective founded in Detroit, MI.[1] The collective is made up of over fifty artists dedicated to positive change in a fun environment. Their gallery shows are well known for their laid back atmosphere, live shows and cheap beer. The collective is non-profit, all money is used to support the continuation of the artists' galleries and music. They do not take an independent commission from sold art pieces.

Interaction between the audience and the art is highly encouraged. In their first show about accidents, an artist Curt Greene created a balanced sculpture that would fall apart if touched. In their second show "Feedback" the walls of the gallery were lined with brown paper allowing the audience to write responses to the art on the wall. This notion was used again in their third show "Restrictions". Video has also been used as a way to interact with art, at "Restrictions" there was a camera placed outside the bathroom that fed into a TV placed in the bathroom so that the person inside could see the line outside the bathroom.[2]

The collective was founded in 2007 by college friends Matthew Pritchard and Jeff Nolan who were attending The College for Creative Studies in Detroit.

Key Members

There is no set membership in the collective, artists participate in the collective's shows on a revolving door basis. Yet there are many key members who have participated with the collective since its conception and are main supporters.

Adam Ziskie Ebenezer Archer Kling Jeff Nolan (co-founder) Kristina Rafalski Lauren Moyer Leyland DeVito Matthew Pritchard (co-founder) Maureen O'Brien


There have been three shows curated and produced by The Lollybot Collective at various Detroit Art Galleries

  • ACCIDENTAL SHOW - October 27, 2007 at Scrummage University, Detroit, MI

Art show where the artists explored the idea of accidents in their pieces.[3]

  • FEEDBACK - February 16, 2008 at Cave Gallery located in the Russell Industrial Complex

Artists made pieces that were hung on brown paper covered walls with a pencils so that the audience could respond and comment on the pieces.

  • RESTRICTIONS - February 28 through March 13, 2009 at Izzy's Raw Art Gallery

Artists were given a restriction in which to create their piece by a computer generated, random list.

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