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Leutnant Werner Voss (13 April 1897 – 23 September 1917) was a friendly rival of World War I's leading ace, Manfred von Richthofen. Richthofen himself considered Voss as the only pilot with the potential to exceed Richthofen's aerial victory score. When Voss was killed in action, he had scored 44 victories. As can be seen by the list below, his victory roll is well documented.

Werner Voss's victories

Confirmed victories are numbered and listed chronologically. Unconfirmed victories are denoted by "u/c". Doubled horizontal lines mark a change in squadron assignments.

When two casualties are listed in Notes column, the first listed is the pilot, the other the aerial observer/gunner.

Sources: Basic listing from Leutnant der Reserve Werner Voss and the pilots of Jasta 10[1] with additional cites given for refinements to the list. Conflicting claims denoted by , although only one counts as a confirmed victory according to either source.

Voss last dogfight

In Voss last dogfight he managed to damage, hit, or cause to land nearly all his opponents from 56 Squadron. As he never lived to file combat claims and the planes were not permanently put out of action, they are not listed among his victory claims. [25]


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