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This is a list of political parties in Switzerland.

Switzerland has a multi-party system. Since 1959, the four largest parties have formed a coalition government, according to a Zauberformel or "magic formula". This arithmetic formula divides the seven cabinet seats among representatives of the four largest parties.[6]

Political parties in Switzerland

The following parties are represented either in the Swiss Federal Assembly as of March 2016[7] or in cantonal parliaments and executive councils. For their names in the 4 national languages of Switzerland, see #Names in the national languages below.

For more detailed information on the political positions of some of the parties listed below, see here:[8] For Swiss political party strength on the municipal level, see here:[9]

The following groups or parties are not represented at either the cantonal or national level (but may hold positions in municipal parliaments).

Names in the national languages

Sources: The Swiss Federal Chancellery

Relative importance

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