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There are at least nine members of the St. Johnswort and Waterwort order: Theales found in Montana.[1] Some of these species are exotics (not native to Montana).[2]

St. John's wort

Family: Clusiaceae

  • Hypericum anagalloides, tinker's-penny
  • Hypericum majus, larger Canadian St. John's-wort
  • Hypericum perforatum, common St. John's-wort
  • Hypericum scouleri, western St. John's-wort
  • Hypericum scouleri subsp. nortoniae, western St. John's-wort
  • Hypericum scouleri subsp. scouleri, Scouler's St. Johns-wort


Family: Elatinaceae

  • Elatine brachysperma, short-seeded water-wort
  • Elatine californica, California water-wort
  • Elatine triandra, longstem water-wort

Further reading

  • Schiemann, Donald Anthony (2005). Wildflowers of Montana. Missoula, MT: Mountain Press Publishing. ISBN 0-87842-504-7.

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