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The Markaz (literally "the center"), formerly The Levantine Cultural Center, is a nonprofit organization founded in June 2001, and is located in West Los Angeles. It offers artistic and educational programs regarding the Middle East and North Africa, with classes and workshops for ethnic communities.


The center was founded in 2001 by a group of activists, artists and business professionals. Its original name was Levantine Cultural Center, but it changed its name to The Markaz at the end of June 2015.[1] It presents artistic, educational, and outreach programs related to the Middle East and North Africa regions.

The organization lost 501(c)(3) status on April 15, 2014, for failing to file Form 990s for three consecutive years.[2]


The center produces or cosponsors artistic programs that encourage cross-cultural and multidisciplinary collaborations, and collaborates with the multi-faith Pico Union Project.[3]

Authors, artists and producers have collaborated with the center.[4][5] Other activities include open evenings about Islam.[6]

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