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Lapstone Oval is a sports precinct in Lapstone, New South Wales. It supports sport all year round. The name Lapstone Oval covers all of the 3 different types of sporting facilities and not just the rugby field as is thought by some people, however the mightiest club in Subbies Rugby calls Lapstone Oval home. It is known to many opposition teams as the Graveyard; as many teams come to the foot of the mountains to be buried by the mighty Blue Men. Curator Matthew Lehn welcomes opposing teams with "welcome to the Graveyard"


There are a few features at Lapstone Oval.

  • A rugby union field
  • 16 netball courts (10 are asphalt and the other 6 are grass)
  • 2 tennis courts which overlook the rugby field and half of the grass netball courts
  • A small play area for younger children

During the winter months there is a canteen running at the bottom of the netball club-house and a BBQ on the grass next to it. A mobile coffee van turns up each week as well.[1]

Home teams

Several teams call the oval their home ground.

Lapstone Oval is not a home ground to any of the netball teams in the Blue Mountains Netball Association (BMNA) as they all play there every week. The Blue Mountains Netball Representatives train at the oval.[2]

Although some teams from Glenbrook-Blaxland Cricket Club (GBCC) play some of their games at Lapstone the club doesn't have a single home ground. They also play in:

  • Glenbrook
  • Blaxland[3]

The Blue Mountains Rugby Club (also known as Blueys or Blue Tongues) call the oval home. It is where they play their home games and they also have a club house at the ground.[4]

Winter sport

In winter 2 sports are played at Lapstone Oval. They are:

  • Rugby Union
  • Netball

Summer sport

During the summer an artificial cricket pitch is placed into the centre of the rugby field. In the past few summers the rugby goal posts have been taken out.

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