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Landmark Entertainment Group, based in Los Angeles, California, and founded by Tony Christopher in 1980, is a global entertainment design firm that creates theme parks and attractions, live entertainment productions,[2] and virtual reality.[3] Aside from Landmark’s creation of Caesars Palace, the company is also known for producing attractions at Universal Studios including "The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man,"[4] "Jurassic Park: The Ride,"[5] and "Terminator 2 3D."

Landmark Entertainment Group is responsible for creating themed attractions in over 35 countries in five continents. The firm is responsible for concept and master plans for complete destination resorts, redevelopment areas, and for mixed-use retail and entertainment facilities. Previous projects include creating TV productions and motion pictures, original properties for animation and more.

Virtual Reality

Announced in June 2015[6] , The Landmark Interactive Virtual Experience (L.I.V.E. Centre) is a virtual reality and augmented reality concept that will be created in a Chinese city in the summer of 2017.[7] This first 200,000 square foot installation will feature traditional theme park attractions, such as an interactive museum, virtual zoo, aquarium, live theatre, 4D theatre, and art gallery, with 30% of its experiences expected to contain virtual reality content.[8]

In October 2015, Landmark announced the company’s concept of the Pavilion Of Me™(P.O.M), a daily-use in-home entertainment portal that reimagines everyday activities such as checking social media, online shopping, watching film and TV content, video chat, and playing video games into virtual reality experiences.[9]

In conjunction with the Pavilion of Me™, the concept for the "Virtual World's Fair™," was also announced. Virtual World’s Fair™ is a virtual reality experience that will include real-time social interaction, entertainment, education, and shopping, just like a traditional world's fair, but designed to be used in-home rather than as a real-world travel destination.[10]

Completed Projects

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