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The Landfall 39 (Amy) is a Taiwanese sailboat that was designed by Ron Amy and first built in 1974.[1][2]

The design is sometimes confused with the C&C Design/Robert Perry-designed 1985 boat of the same name, although the two designs are unrelated.[3]


The design was built by Sino American Yacht Industrial Company, Limited in Taiwan, who completed 200 examples of the design between 1974 and the end of production in 1984.[1]

The Landfall 39 design was developed into the Vagabond 39, using the old Landfall 39 hull molds in 1984 and built by Bluewater Yachts Builders Limited, also of Taiwan.[1][4]


The Landfall 39 is a small recreational keelboat, built predominantly of fiberglass, with wood trim. It has a cutter rig, a rounded raked stem, a canoe transom, a keel-mounted rudder controlled by a wheel and a fixed long keel. It displaces 23,500 lb (10,659 kg) and carries 8,800 lb (3,992 kg) of ballast.[1]

The boat has a draft of 5.58 ft (1.70 m) with the standard keel fitted. The boat is fitted with a Nissan-Chrysler diesel engine.[1]

The design has a hull speed of 7.41 kn (13.72 km/h).[5]

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