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Kublai Khan is an American metalcore band from Sherman, Texas.[4] The group formed in the summer of 2009[5] and have released three full-length albums.


Kublai Khan self-released their first EP, Youth War in 2010.[6] In February 2014, Kublai Khan signed to Artery Recordings.[7] On April 29, 2014, the band released their debut full-length album titled Balancing Survival and Happiness.[8] The album was listed in Alternative Press's "The Best Albums Of 2014 so far" list.[9][10] On November 27, 2015, Kublai Khan released their second full-length album titled New Strength.[4][11][12][13] In July 2017, Kublai Khan signed to Rise Records, and on September 29, 2017, they released their third full-length album titled Nomad.[14]

Musical style

Kublai Khan play a style of metalcore reminiscent of the early 90s metallic hardcore scene (Integrity, Earth Crisis, All Out War, Hatebreed). The band employs heavy, slow hardcore breakdowns, heavily downtuned guitars and raspy vocals.

Instead of glamorizing the experiences of touring musicians; songs off of the New Strength album suggest regret for the lifestyle the band has chosen (“Life for a Life”), (“Smoke and Mirrors”). In spite of this, they continue to make new music.

They also touch on socially conscious issues such as racism ("No Kin"), human rights, violent police profiling/police brutality ("True Fear"), organised religion ("B.C."), depression ("Belligerent"), and social anxiety ("The Hammer").[15]

Band members

  • Matt Honeycutt – vocals[11]
  • Nolan Ashley – guitar/vocals[11]
  • Eric English – bass/vocals[11]
  • Isaac Lamb – drums[11]
  • Jayson Braffett – touring guitar[11]


  • Balancing Survival and Happiness (2014, Artery)
  • New Strength (2015, Artery)
  • Nomad (2017, Rise)
  • Absolute (2019, Rise)
  • Youth War (2010, self-released)
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