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Karl the Butcher vs. Axe is a 2010 horror comedy film directed by Andreas Schnaas and Timo Rose. It is the fifth appearance of Schnaas' Karl the Butcher character, the lead antagonist in his Violent Shit film series.


2023 and Karl the Butcher Jr (Schnaas) returns from hell after 25 years, and is on a mission to kill a new mass murderer, Axe (Rose). The world he returns to, however, is in devastation, with civilization split between violent factions: the Gang Loco, The Others, the tyrant Queen Scara, The Black Monks, and the nomadic Axe and his sister Vendetta, whose family history is unknown.


  • Andreas Schnaas - Karl the Butcher
  • Timo Rose - Axe
  • Magdalèna Kalley - Vendetta
  • Eileen Daly - Queen Scara
  • Eleanor James - She-Maa
  • Marysia Kay - Mathra
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