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Karl Grobben (August 27, 1854, Brno – April 13, 1945, Salzburg) was an Austrian biologist.[1] He graduated from, and later worked at, the University of Vienna, chiefly on molluscs and crustaceans. He was also the editor of a new edition of Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Claus' Lehrbuch der Zoologie, and the coiner of the terms protostome and deuterostome.[1]


Taxa named by Grobben include:

Taxa named in Grobben's honour include:

  • Gerbillus grobbeni Klaptocz, 1909[2]
  • Sphaerophthalmus grobbeni Spandl, 1923[3]
  • Limnadia grobbeni Daday, 1925[3]
  • Actinia grobbeni Watzl, 1922[3]
  • Paladilhiopsis grobbeni Kuscer, 1928[3]
  • Raillietina grobbeni Böhm, 1925[3]
  • Trypanophis grobbeni (Poche, 1904)[3]
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