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Juggernaut was an American technical/progressive thrash metal band who formed in San Antonio, Texas in 1984.


Juggernaut was an American technical/progressive thrash metal band who formed in San Antonio, Texas in 1984 by former Kamakazi members Scott Womack (bass) and Harlan Glenn (vocals) who were quickly joined by guitarist Robert "Bob dog" Catlin, formerly with S.A.Slayer. Finding the right drummer proved difficult at first but Catlin's former S.A.Slayer bandmate Dave McClain, later of Sacred Reich and Machine Head fame, joined the fold just long enough to record the track 'In The Blood of Virgins' for inclusion on Metal Blade Records' Metal Massacre VII compilation in 1986. During that year, the band played many shows, including sold-out shows with King Diamond.

After originally being approached by Dave Richards of Azra/Iron Works Records with plans of releasing an EP, the quartet instead signed a deal with Metal Blade Records and would go on to release two studio albums, Baptism Under Fire (1986) and Trouble Within (1987). Both feature guitarist Eddie Katilius who joined the group a mere two weeks before the recording of 'Baptism Under Fire' was set to commence. Katilius is also the person wearing the WW2-era gas mask on the cover of 'Baptism Under Fire'.

Frontman Harlan Glenn, aka Harlan Groom, eventually left the group due to 'musical differences' and moved to Los Angeles where he fronted a couple of different outfits, including Bon Appetit. His replacement was former Liquid Sky, S.A.Slayer and Narita vocalist Steve Cooper with whom the band recorded the Trouble Within album. Drummer Bobby Jarzombek would also end up leaving in order to join reformed New York City metal veterans Riot but agreed to record Trouble Within on a session basis. Juggernaut disbanded in 1993 after going through various incarnations in Dallas, Texas which included Denny Shoup (guitar), Phil Thomas (drums), & John Davis (vocals), with bassist Scott Womack being the only remaining musician from the old San Antonio days.

In 1998, Baptism Under Fire was re-issued on CD, including the band's unreleased Iron Works Records EP as bonus tracks, by German-based High Vaultage Records. Singer Steve Cooper succumbed to kidney failure due to complications of type 1 Diabetes on May 14, 2006.

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