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John Herbert Elliot (4 July 1918 – 14 August 1997) was a British novelist, screenwriter and television producer.[1] Between 1954 and 1960 he scripted a succession of one-off television plays including War in the Air and A Man from the Sun.[2][3] The latter a pioneering work aimed at a West Indian audience.[4] In 1961 he joined with astronomer Fred Hoyle (to ensure scientific authenticity) to write another ground-breaking TV, the science fiction serial A for Andromeda, which set the tone for all which was to follow in its stead. The success of A For Andromeda prompted a sequel, The Andromeda Breakthrough, in 1962.[5]

Following Andromeda, Elliot wrote more one-off plays, but his talents were perhaps underused by the BBC. He resigned from the corporation in 1963 but, as a parting gift, offered an option on his concept for the drama series Mogul (renamed The Troubleshooters from the second series) for which he wrote much of the seven series.[6]

His other works include programmes such as Fall of Eagles and Survival as well as novels including Duel, Blood Upon the Snow, and A For Andromeda and The Andromeda Breakthrough (also co-written with Fred Hoyle).[7]

Writing credits

Awards and nominations

Books by John Elliot

  • A for Andromeda (with Fred Hoyle), 1962, Souvenir Press, ISBN 978-0-285-63588-3
  • Andromeda Breaktrough (with Fred Hoyle), 1964, Souvenir Press; 1966, Corgi Books
  • MOGUL: The Making of a Myth, 1970, Barrie & Jenkins

Further reading

  • MacKenzie, S. (2006), "War in the Air : Churchill, the Air Ministry and the BBC response to Victory at Sea", Contemporary British History [1] [11]
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