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John Chetwynd, <a href="/content/Mezzotint" style="color:blue">mezzotint</a> by <a href="/content/John_Smith_(engraver_born_1652)" style="color:blue">John Smith</a>.
John Chetwynd, mezzotint by John Smith.

John Chetwynd (1643 – 9 December 1702), of Rudge, near Sandon, Staffordshire was an English Member of Parliament.

He was the eldest son of John Chetwynd of Rudge.[1]

He was Member of Parliament for Stafford from 1689 to 1695, and again in 1701 and 1702. In the intervening period he sat for Tamworth in 1698–1700.[2] He was pricked High Sheriff of Staffordshire for 1695–96. [1]

He died in 1702. He had married in 1738 Lucy, the daughter of Robert Roane of Tullesworth, Chaldon, Surrey and had 3 sons and a daughter.

His son Walter inherited the Ingestre estate from his distant cousin Walter Chetwynd the antiquary in 1693, greatly raising the prominence of his branch of the family. Walter was created Viscount Chetwynd in 1717, a title to which John's other two sons (John and William) succeeded in turn.

His daughter Lucy married Edward Younge, Bath King of Arms.[3]

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