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"Jingle Jangle" is a folk song written by Barry Gibb and popularized by the Bee Gees for the album Spicks and Specks released only in Australia on Spin Records and produced by Nat Kipner. It was also included on the Spicks and Specks EP in December 1966.[1]

Though it was rare for the Bee Gees to perform songs from their years in Australia after their international career took off, "Jingle Jangle" was performed during the 1971 2 Years On tour as part of a medley. Footage exists of "Jingle Jangle" in Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia.[2]


Recording took place at St. Clair Studios between April and May 1966 Hurstville with a lead vocal by Robin Gibb.[3]

This song has a length up to 2:11 but on the 2013 compilation The Festival Album Collection 1965-1967 the song's length was 2:13.[4]

The song is about a girl who wears silvery bangles and the singer's love for her. The chorus echoes the then-recent Bob Dylan track Mr Tambourine Man and the nursery rhyme Ride-a-Cock-Horse.


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