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Jettison may refer to:

  • Jetsam, cargo discarded from a ship or wreckage
  • Jettison (album), an album by Chicago punk rock band Naked Raygun, released in 1988
  • Jettison, a play by actor Brendan Bradley
  • "Jettison", a song from the album The Virginian by Neko Case
  • Jettison (record label), a Chicago-based indie record label owned by Jeff Pezzati of Naked Raygun
  • Jettison (Steady Ground album), an album by Alternative Rock band Steady Ground, released in 2007
  • Jettison (band), a punk band from the 1980s
  • Jettison (book), a book written by D.E. White

See also

  • Fuel jettison, a procedure used by aircraft in certain emergency situations
  • Jettison (aviation), an aviation term to discard fuel or weapons in flight by use of a mechanism, switch or handle.
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