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Fimbles is a British children’s television series created and produced by Novel Entertainment. The series has 200 episodes, airing from 2002-2004. The Fimbles are Fimbo, Florrie and Baby Pom, magical characters who all live in a bright, lush, and colourful place called Fimble Valley, It’s based on the parody of the American TV Series, Sesame Street.

The snouted and concentrically-ringed appearance of the Fimbles was based on the eponymous villains of Lucy Anna and the Finders, written and illustrated by Sarah Hayes. Although Hayes is cited in the credits of Fimbles, and she was involved in adapting the characters for the television series, the implacably omnivorous Finders (who, throughout the book, threaten to eat Lucy Anna) have nothing else in common with the Fimbles.

The scripts of the 200 episodes were written by a number of writers, most notably the programme's producer Lucinda Whiteley. The Fimbles are cuddly, hippo like creatures and are portrayed by "skin" actors in complex, fluffy animatronic suits and all look quite similar apart from their colour and size. Fimbo is yellow with green stripes, is the tallest and he likes to eat crumble crackers, Florrie is blue with purple stripes, a little smaller than Fimbo and is often seen carrying a Fimble-like doll called Little One, and Baby Pom is the smallest, green with pink stripes and generally follows the others like a toddler, whilst pushing Trundle Truck. Other characters, which are large scale puppets, are a blue tree frog called Rockit. a purple and green striped mole called Roly Mo, a plump pink bird called Bessie and her chick, Ribble. Originally Ribble was an almost squeaking blob of orange fur with a beak; he was given eyes in later episodes.

The three Fimbles have a special "sixth sense" - when the Tinkling Tree tinkles its bell-like blossoms, it makes the nose, fingers and topknot of one or more Fimbles twitch as they get the "Fimbling Feeling". This tells the character(s) that they are going to find something. It may be a natural phenomenon - a patch of sunlight for example, an everyday object, e.g. a tambourine, or something which would be totally inexplicable in the real world, such as a puddle of blue "goo". Whatever is found becomes the catalyst for the episode's adventures and the trigger for the Fimbles' creative play.

Roly Mo, who has a vast underground library of books, tells a story in every episode, Despite Doing the Take a look inside a book song Composed by KICK Production and either Roly Mo, Fimbo or Bessie give a summary at the end of the programme as to what has happened to the Fimbles that day. Live action film of real children at play also features in every episode.

There is a spin-off to Fimbles called The Roly Mo Show, starring Roly Mo and a cast of other characters including Roly's niece Little Bo. The Roly Mo Show concentrates on literacy and books and is made as an educational programme. Also devised by Novel Entertainment, the programme was formerly shown on the CBeebies channel. Fimbly Songtime, a shortened version of the programme with a song only, has also aired in the past.[1] The programme has also erroneously been listed as Fimbles Songtime.[2] The Fimbles also feature in a touring stage show for children called Fimbles Live!, which was devised by the playwright and author David Wood CBE.

Richard Starzak was part of the designing team in the Fimbles doing Additional Character Designs. He was also known for Rex the Runt, Shaun the Sheep, Morph and Wallace and Gromit

In the Irish republic, Fimbles was broadcast on Network 2 (later changed to RTÉ2 in 2004) as part of a lineup of programmes for younger children called The Den and started airing on 20 January 2003.

In Australia from 3 February 2003 to 30 September 2008, Fimbles was broadcast on ABC and its third digital channel ABC2.

As of 1 June 2007 Fimbles (粉宝乐园) is being broadcast in China on Shanghai Media Group's children's network HAHA TV. All 200 episodes are being shown sequentially and dubbed in Mandarin Chinese. As the show in its original format is only 19 minutes long, the show has been lengthened by 5 minutes for the Chinese market.

In Vietnam, since 2008, Fimbles is a part of the show 5 Minutes to Learn English Everyday (5 phút học tiếng Anh mỗi ngày), which is produced by HTV4 together with many famous English centers and international schools. However, in VBC, it is a separate show named Những chú heo con Fimbles.

From June 2008, the show has also been broadcast by Tata Sky DTH in India under partnership from the BBC on the country's variant of the CBeebies channel.

In Colombia from 2004 and 2007, it was broadcast by Señal Colombia.

In New Zealand, the show was played on TV2.

In South Africa, Fimbles began airing on SABC 1.

In Singapore, it was broadcast by Central and played it on their children's block Kids Central. The series aired in Singapore from 2003 to 2006.

In Hong Kong, the series was screened on TVB Pearl.

In Malta, Fimbles was aired on TVM.

In Thailand, the English version of the series was broadcast on Thai cable television TrueVisions (originally known as UBC at the time) on their children's network UBC Spark.

In United States, 'Fimblesis aired on PBS.

Award nominations

  • BAFTA Children's Awards 2003 Nominated for Best Pre-school Live Action Series[3]
  • BAFTA Children's Awards 2004 Nominated for Best Pre-school Live Action Series[4]


  • Roly Mo has appeared on The Weakest Link, a former British game show, in a puppets special. He was voted off in the 5th round (he said he spent too much time reading books and needed to be watching good television programmes), but said he would still be seen as a winner by the Fimbles even though he lost because it was the taking part that mattered. Anne Robinson also asked Roly Mo how irritating the Fimbles were, and at the request of both Anne Robinson and the audience, Roly Mo and the other puppets sang the song "Inside a Book".
  • In common with many children's programmes, the Fimbles very occasionally contains a subtle joke aimed at adults who are accompanying children in watching the programme. One such instance of this is where Ribble gets sticky bits of paper stuck on and around his beak. Bessie exclaims "Ribble, Ribble, your face is a mess!", a reference to the lyrics of the David Bowie song "Rebel Rebel".



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