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Esteban E. Torres High School is a public high school founded in 2010 in East Los Angeles, an unincorporated section of Los Angeles County, California.


The school was originally known as East Los Angeles Area High School #2. In 2006 the school was named Esteban E. Torres High School, after retired U.S. Representative Esteban Edward Torres.[4] The school opened on September 13, 2010[1] with students in grades 9-12.


The school is sited on 12.15 acres formerly occupied by Hammel Street Elementary School[5] and commercial and housing developments.[6] The buildings were designed by Langdon Wilson Architects.[7]


The school is composed of five smaller schools:


Soccer, cross country, basketball, wrestling and volleyball are offered for both boys and girls. Additional sports for boys include baseball and football, and for girls they have a softball team.

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