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English Boy (song)
English Boy (song)

"English Boy" is the first song on Pete Townshend's 1993 album Psychoderelict. This song is used to introduce the character Ray High, as well as journalist Ruth Streeting, host of Street On The Street. There are three versions of this song:

  • the first, lengthier version features dialog by Ruth Streeting over instrumental parts of the song.
  • the second was released as an edited, no dialog version, and appeared on both single releases in 1993 and on the Pete Townshend compilation albums coolwalkingsmoothtalkingstraightsmokingfirestoking, Anthology, and Gold.
  • a reprise, which ends the album and features a slightly different backing (including harmonica by Peter Hope-Evans and additional cowbell) and dialog by Ray High, wrapping up the album and imploring "what happened to all that lovely hippie shit?"

The song was the only single released from Psychoderelict, and was also Townshend's final single as a solo artist to date.


In the UK, the song was released as a single in the following variations:

  • "English Boy" (non-dialog) / "English Boy" (dialog) (7" vinyl)
  • "English Boy" (dialog) / "Fake It" / "Psycho Montage" (CD single 1)
  • "English Boy" (non-dialog) / "Fake It" / "Flame" (Simon Townshend demo) / "Early Morning Dreams" (Pete Townshend demo) (CD single 2)
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