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Économiesuisse is a Swiss corporate union, composed of the fusion of the Union suisse du commerce et de l'industrie ("Swiss union of commerce and industry") orVorort, and of the Société pour le développement de l'économie suisse ("society for development of Swiss economy").


The USCI was founded in 1870, following a string of workers' strikes and demonstrations. In 1882, it was renamed Vorort.[1] It aimed at favouring the interests of business owners.

From 1870 to 1882, the USCI lacked a permanent committee, and each member canton would preside in rotation. From 1882, the USCI was re-organised around a nine-member direction organ, the Vorort, seating in Zurich.

From 1931, the chambre Suisse du commerce, another organ of the USCI, was tasked with choosing the committee.[2]

After its fusion with the Société pour le développement de l'économie suisse, the USCI has been renamed Economiesuisse.

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