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Aurelio Ortega Castañeda (7 May 1900), known as Don Aurelio Ortega Castañeda, son of Aurelio Ortega y Placeres, was the editor of the famous magazine at the time La Calandria and of other works such as Panorama Orizabeño Almas Provincianas (1938); Nuestra Señora de los Puentes (1943); Pluviosilla Señorial y Legendaria (1955); among others like: "Anécdotas y otros cuentos"; "Orizaba (álbum gráfico descriptivo)"; "Almas Provincianas y Crepúsculo y Senderos de Historia (obras inéditas)".[1] He is the father of the renowned Mexican musician and artist Armando Ortega.

Early life

Aurelio Ortega Castañeda just like his father before him was a brilliant, very cultured educated and generous man. He was born on 7 May 1900 in Orizaba, Veracruz.


Don Aurelio Ortega Castañeda began work as a writer at a very young age following in the footsteps of his father. He was the editor of the famous Orizaba magazine: "La Calandria" Copies of which are housed in the Archivo Municipal de Orizaba. Among his other known works are: "Panorama Orizabeño Almas Provincianas" (1938); Nuestra Señora de los Puentes (1943); Pluviosilla Señorial y Legendaria (1955); among others like: "Anéctodas y otros Cuentos"; "Orizaba (álbum gráfico descriptivo)"; "Almas Provincianas y Crepúsculo y Senderos de Historia (obras inéditas)" It is Don Aurelio Ortega Castañeda who christened Orizaba with the title "Nuestra Señora de los Puentes".[2] In 1944 Don Aurelio was invited by the 3rd National Congress of Librarians and the 1st of Archivist to assist them in the preparations for the celebrations and with a list of distinguished individuals from the State of Veracruz.[3] In the following year he was made an associate of the Centro Veracuzano de Cultura for his contributions to the State and Nation.[4] Don Aurelio, like his father before him, valued public education. When Don Aurelio’s friend became Governor of the State of Veracruz in 1944, Don Aurelio kept a friendly and professional correspondence with the future president of the Mexican Republic. In 1946 Don Adolfo Ruiz Cortines sent a letter to Don Aurelio thanking him for his second administrative report.[5] In 1946 author Juan Bartolo Hernández wrote to Don Aurelio to request information to include in his book titled “Escritores Veracruzanos.”[6] During the late 1940s Don Aurelio served as a delegate for the Department of Information, Dissemination and Tourism for the State of Veracruz.[7] On December 1, 1949 Don Aurelio was appointed by the City Council (H. Ayuntamiento Constitucional) of Orizaba as a member of the Pro-Turism Committee of the City because of his "merits and enthusiasm for the City of Orizaba." [8] Don Aurelio was known for his generous nature for which his friend Gilberto Loyo wrote to have him serve as host to Miss Gitta Sten from the Polish embassy in Mexico on her trip to Orizaba. He was also asked to present her to the “distinguished intellectuals of Orizaba.”[9] Don Aurelio continued to contribute to the culture and education of Orizaba of Veracruz and of Mexico. In 1954 he was appointed Cultural Advisor for San Agustin Forum Cultural Center in Orizaba.[10]

Personal life

Aurelio Ortega Castañeda married Guadalupe María Carrillo Limón, the daughter of Mexican politician and entrepreneur Manuel Carrillo Iturriaga, son of Manuel Carrillo Tablas, descendent from one of the Grande families of Spain: the Carrillo de Albornoz family. They had three children (Armando Ortega, Hector Efraín Ortega (publisher and writer) and Alicia María Guadalupe Ortega Carrillo de Arenas (who followed in her father's footsteps as an educator and writer both in the United States of America and in the Mexican Republic).


Aurelio Ortega Castañeda died suddenly at his office of the families Printing Press on January 11, 1958 in Orizaba, Veracruz.

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