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Dave Cousins (born David Joseph Hindson, 7 January 1945, Hounslow, Middlesex, England) is an English singer and songwriter, who has been the leader, singer and most-active songwriter of Strawbs since 1967.[1]


Cousins was a founder member of the band originally known as the Strawberry Hill Boys, which started out as a bluegrass band, but eventually moved on to other styles (folk, folk rock, progressive rock). He has also performed as an acoustic duo with Strawbs guitarist Brian Willoughby, and as Acoustic Strawbs with Willoughby (until August 2004), Dave Lambert and Chas Cronk (since September 2004).

Cousins holds an academic degree in statistics and pure mathematics from the University of Leicester, and has also followed a career in radio. He was a producer for Denmark Radio 1969–1979, and has been Programme Controller for Radio Tees (1980–1982), and the Managing Director of Devon Air in Devon (1982–1990).

Since 1991 Cousins has been in charge of St. David's Research, and has been instrumental in many successful franchise applications business ventures involving local radio stations in the UK. Stations such as Thames Radio (Kingston-upon-Thames), Radio Victory (Portsmouth) and XFM in London. He also runs Witchwood Records, an independent record label.

Cousins is still active, and is touring North America and Europe with Acoustic Strawbs, several months every year.

In February 2012 a new venture with producer Chris Tsangarides was announced, the Dark Lord Records label. The first release was by band Spit Like This on 21 May.

In 2014 Cousins published his autobiography "Exorcising ghosts Strawbs & other lives" (331 + 18 pages) on Witchwood Media Limited.[2]

Special appearances

In 1980, Cousins made a guest appearance on On Through the Night, the debut album by British heavy metal group Def Leppard. Cousins' speaking voice can be heard at the beginning of "When the Walls Came Tumblin' Down", reciting a melancholy tale that serves as the track's intro.[3]


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