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These are data codes for Switzerland.


These are codes for the country itself. See country code for a fuller explanation.

See also: Country codes: S#Switzerland

NUTS-2 regions

As a member of the EFTA, Switzerland is included in the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS). The three NUTS levels are:

The seven NUTS-2 regions are the following:

Below the NUTS levels, there are two LAU levels (LAU-1: districts; LAU-2: municipalities).


The two-letter abbreviations are widely used, e.g. on car license plates and as disambiguator for localities on postal addresses if two localities in different cantons have the same name. They are also used with the prefix "CH-" as ISO 3166-2 codes of Switzerland, e.g. CH-SZ for the canton of Schwyz.

SFSO also uses a numerical code ordering the cantons by their constitutional order (1 to 26).

The FIPS 10-4 region codes of Switzerland were used by the United States government. This standard was withdrawn in 2008.

The NUTS-3 codes are used by the European Union.


Districts are assigned three-digit numerical codes by SFSO.

Districts are used as LAU-1 level.


See Community Identification Number#Switzerland

Municipalities are used as LAU-2 level.


See Postal codes in Switzerland and Liechtenstein



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