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The Culinary Heritage of Switzerland (German: Kulinarisches Erbe der Schweiz, French: Patrimoine culinaire suisse, Italian: Patrimonio culinario svizzero, Romansh: Patrimoni culinar svizzer) is a multilingual online encyclopedia of traditional Swiss cuisine and produce.


The project was initiated after Swiss MP Josef Zisyadis's parliamentary motion in 2000.[1] After obtaining CHF 2 million of funding by the Swiss federal government, the Swiss cantons and private sponsors,[2] the private association "Culinary Heritage of Switzerland" was founded in 2003.

The association hired a team of researchers, including ethnologists and historians, to write the articles and carry out field research by interviewing Swiss bakers, butchers, cultural historians, archivists and farmer's wives.[1] It made the encyclopedia, with an initial scope of some 400 articles, available to the public on 9 December 2008 at no charge.[3]


To be included in the association's database, a food must be recognised as traditionally Swiss, have been produced for at least 40 years and remain in production.[1] The project's scope is limited to processed foodstuffs, such as cheeses or meat products. It does not include unprocessed food (with a few exceptions), wines, recipes or dishes.

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