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This list is a comparison of orbital launcher families. To see the long complete list of launch systems, see Comparison of orbital launch systems.


  • Family: Name of the family/model of launcher
  • Country: Origin country of launcher
  • Manufac.: Main manufacturer
  • Payload: Maximum mass of payload, for 3 altitudes LEO, low Earth orbit GTO, geostationary transfer orbit TLI, trans-Lunar injection
  • Cost: Price for a launch at this time, in millions of US$
  • Launches reaching... Total: flights which lift-off, or where the vehicle is destroyed during the terminal countnote: only includes orbital launches (flights launched with the intention of reaching orbit). Suborbital tests launches are not included in this listing. Space (regardless of outcome) Any orbit (regardless of outcome) Target orbit (without damage to the payload)
  • Status: Actual status of launcher (retired, development, active)
  • Date of flight First: Year of first flight of first family's member Last: Year of Last flight (for vehicles retired from service)
  • Refs: citations

Same cores are grouped together (like Ariane 1, 2 & 3, but not V).

List of launcher families

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