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<i>Marine</i> (1885)
Marine (1885)

Carl Wilhelm Bøckmann Barth (9 November 1847 – 12 January 1919) was a Norwegian painter who specialized in marine art.[1]

Carl Wilhelm Bøckmann Barth was born in Christiania (now Oslo), the son of Daniel Nikolaj Barth (1810-1880), a circuit judge. Barth served in the Royal Norwegian Navy from 1863 until 1884; retiring as a First Lieutenant.[2]

Barth studied painting under Hans Gude at the Karlsruhe in Berlin from 1881 to 1883. He stayed from 1889-1890 partly in London; partly on study trips along the English coast, especially at Dover. He later traveled to Paris and Brittany 1896-1897. He was in Italy and Tunisia from 1902 to 1903. Additionally he made numerous study trips along the Norwegian coast as well as Skagen.[3][4]

Barth served as Director of the Christiania Art Society from 1889 to 1895 and from 1898 to 1902. He served as Chairman from 1898 to 1901. He was a member of the National Gallery, Oslo and Chairman of the Artist Association 1891-1898. He is represented by three works in the National Gallery of Norway; Losbåt i høy sjø (1882), Strand ved Dover (1889) and Marine (1897). [5]


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