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Brisbane Correctional Centre, formerly the Sir David Longland Correctional Centre, is a prison facility located at Wacol (near Brisbane), Queensland, Australia, which was renovated and re-opened in June 2008.[1] The complex houses a water conservation system, a unit specifically designed for 17-year-old prisoners, which has since been closed due to amended laws, [2] and an ultra-modern maximum security wing for dangerous offenders. The facility currently consists of 16 units, including a protection unit mainly for old prisoners and prisoners with sexual charges, as well as a medical unit for prisoners with serious psychological problems and suicidal thoughts. A typical unit has approximately 70 prisoners.[3]

Prison Life

The offenders of BCC usually get up at 6-7. Many of them take a morning shower before going out for the day’s various activities. At about 7:30 the prison officers normally unlock the cells but not in exceptional circumstances (e.g. the number of prisoners of a unit exceeds the maximum limit of 72 people), where the prisoners may be locked in their cells for a longer time.

The offenders may participate in a wide range of recreative and educational activities, from literacy and numeracy classes to a touch football game in the oval. They also have access to books and can request books from a library.

The food of BCC is generally nutritious and delicious. Prisoners can purchase extra food such as instant noodles and chocolate through a buy-up form distributed to them on Saturdays.

Each prisoner is entitled to 1 visit per week. The friends and family members of them can apply for both contact and non-contact visits. Legal visits and video conferences are also available.

Notable prisoners

  • Brenden Abbott – the "Postcard Bandit".[4]
  • Geoffrey Robert Dobbs – labelled Australia's worst paedophile, pleaded guilty to 124 sex offences and one count of attempting to pervert the course of justice on counts against 63 girls under his care as a teacher and youth leader from 1972 to 2000.[5]
  • Jason Nixon – prison serial killer.[6]

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