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Braddon (/ˈbræd-ənˈ/) Mendelson is a producer, director and writer.[1] He produced the 1998 cult classic film "Boogie Boy,"[2] which was directed by Craig Hamann and Executive Produced by Academy Award winner Roger Avary, both of whom were collaborators on Quentin Tarantino's first film "My Best Friend's Birthday." Mendelson co-created the video poetry series, "CineVerses" with poet/composer Jerry Danielsen. He and Danielsen were co-hosts on the podcast "Desperate Times."

Mendelson is the director and on-camera host for the children's YouTube show, "Read Me a Story with Brad Mendelson [14] ." As a music video producer, Mendelson worked with some of the top R&B and Rap artists of the late 1990s, including Xzibit,[3] Outkast, Bizzy Bone, Mo Thugs and Ice Cube. As a consequence of producing Outkast's 1998 music video for their song "Rosa Parks," Mendelson in 2005 was added as a defendant to the Rosa Parks v. LaFace Records lawsuit,[4] but was subsequently dismissed from the case by the presiding judge.

In 2010, he wrote and illustrated the children's book "Have You Seen the Tickle Bug?"

He is also a progressive political activist, who was elected as a delegate to the California Democratic Party.[5][6]

Mendelson is the publisher of the award-winning[7] satirical website

Published works

  • Mendelson, Braddon (2010). Have You Seen the Tickle Bug?, Cuckoo Concertos, 40 pages. ISBN 978-1-453-66912-9
  • Mendelson, Braddon, & Goodbody, J.B. (editor), et al. (2012). Net's Best Satire, Vol 1 [Kindle Edition], News Roast, LLC, 175 pages. ASIN: B007T7PO6W
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