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Blick is a Swiss German-language daily newspaper, published by Ringier in Zürich.

History and profile

Blick was established in 1959.[1] The newspaper was the first Swiss tabloid publication.

The format of Blick was broadsheet until 2005 when it was switched to tabloid.[2] The new format induced controversies: protests began and many boycotted the scandalous newspaper. It was nevertheless a huge financial success. However, in 2009 the daily changed its format to broadsheet.[2]

In 2013 Andrea Bleicher was editor-in-chief ad interim of Blick.[3]

Blick has a center-left political leaning.[4] Its sister paper is Blick am Abend, an evening free daily.[5] Both papers are owned by Ringier[6] and are based in Zurich.[7]


In the period of 1995–1996 Blick had a circulation of 335,143 copies, making it the best-selling paper in the country.[8] In 1997 Blick had a circulation of 315,548 copies.[9]

In 2001 Blick had a daily circulation of 309,000 copies and a readership of 739,000.[10] Its circulation was 292,292 copies in 2003, making it the best selling newspaper in Switzerland.[11][12] The 2006 circulation of the paper was 254,657 copies.[13] The Sunday edition Sonntagsblick had a circulation of 272,425 copies in 2006.[13] Blick was the best-selling newspaper in 2008 with a circulation of 240,000 copies.[4] Its circulation was 214,555 copies in 2009.[6] The paper had a circulation of 214,880 copies in 2010, making it the third most read paper in the country.[7]

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