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Bintaro train crash
Bintaro train crash

The 1987 Bintaro train accident occurred in Pondok Betung urban village, Bintaro, Tangerang, Indonesia on Monday 19 October 1987. Two passenger trains collided, causing 156 fatalities, making it the worst railway crash in Indonesia to date.

A train departing from Rangkasbitung in Banten province collided with a train from Tanah Abang Station in Jakarta. The investigation indicated negligence from a station officer who gave a safe signal to the train from Rangkasbitung without confirmation from Kebayoran Station. The safe signal was given because lines at Sudimara Station were crowded.


The accident happened between Pondokranji Station and Tanah Kusir Cemetery, north of Public High School 86, Jakarta, near the Bintaro Highway curve, about 200 meters after the Pondok Betung crossing and 8 kilometers before Sudimara Station.


The Serpong Stationmaster permitted KA 225 to leave for Sudimara Station without checking the railway condition at Sudimara Station.

KA 225 was intended to pass KA 220 Patas from Kebayoran to Merak.

Five minutes later, Djamhari was telephoned by Umrihadi, the officer from Kebayoran Lama Station, informing him that KA 220 Tanah Abang-Merak had departed for Sudimara.

Criminal sanctions

The driver of KA 225, Slamet Suradio, survived the crash and was charged with negligence causing death.

Adung Syafei, the conductor of KA 225, was jailed for 5 years and 6 months.

In popular culture

Iwan Fals wrote a song titled 19/10, referencing the date of the crash.[2] Ebiet G. Ade was inspired by the disaster to write a song Masih Ada Waktu (There's Still Time).[3] A film based on the collision, Tragedi Bintaro, was released in 1989.[4]

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