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Bartholomew Woodlock
Bartholomew Woodlock

Dr. Bartholomew Woodlock (30 March 1819 – 13 December 1902) was an Irish Catholic bishop, philosopher and educator. He established the Catholic University School, Dublin, and founded the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Ireland. He was the 2nd Rector of the Catholic University of Ireland, now University College Dublin, after Cardinal John Henry Newman.

Early life

He was born on 30 March 1819 in Dublin, to William Woodlock and Mary Cleary. His father was a lawyer and associate of Daniel O'Connell. His parents were from Roscrea, Co. Tipperary. His sister Joanna married the Physician Sir Dominic Corrigan.

Woodlock was educated at the Jesuit Day-School, in Dublin and Clongowes Wood College. Thereafter, supported by the Archbishop of Dublin and the Jesuits, he entered the Appolinare Seminary in Rome, winning prizes in Theology and Philosophy during his studies, he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Divinity at the age of 22. He joined the staff of All Hallows College in Drumcondra in Dublin, in 1843, which had been just set up by Fr.Hand, following meeting him in Rome. He served as professor of Dogmatic Theology until 1854, when he was appointed President of the college. He also served as vice-rector and vice president of the College, as well as a priest in the Dublin Diocese.

Dr. Woodlock's sister in law the philanthropist Ellen Woodlock helped establish what became Temple Street Children's University Hospital, she was also the only woman to contribute to the House of Commons select committee meetings on Irish Poor Relief.[4]

Diocesan Work

In 1844 he helped set up the first branch of the St. Vincent De Paul in Ireland,[5] chairing the first meeting on 14 December 1844. He was appointed Spiritual Director of the organisation and was active in it up until his appointment as a bishop.[6] Along with the architect J.J. McCarthy and William Nugent he helped found the Irish Ecclesiological Society in 1849.

In 1861 Woodlock was appointed rector of the Catholic University of Ireland succeeding Cardinal John Henry Newman. He held the position until he was appointed a bishop.[7] In line with Newman's educational philosophy, Woodlock set up the Catholic University School in 1867 as a preparatory school for the Catholic University of Ireland.

Woodlock was ordained Monsignor in 1877 and consecrated Bishop of Ardagh in 1879 in the Sistine Chapel in Rome by Pope Leo XIII, serving in Longford until 1895 when he reached retirement age and was appointed Titular bishop of Trapezopolis.

His interest in church architecture is present in the renovations of St. Mels Cathedral along with other church buildings in the diocese which took place during his tenure.

He died on 13 December 1902, and is buried at St. Mel's Cathedral, Longford. His papers are held in Clonliffe College.[8]

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