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Anticon (often styled as anticon.) is an independent record label based in Los Angeles, California.[1] It was founded in 1998 by seven musicians and manager Baillie Parker.[2][3] It is now collectively owned among six musicians, co-founder Parker, and manager Shaun Koplow.[4] The original musicians signed to Anticon were once referred to as the Anticon collective.[5]


The label's roster of artists has been described as "the hip-hop equivalent of post-rock" and "avant-garde hip-hop".[3] Releases feature material created by its members, affiliates, and extended musical family. Although Anticon cohered originally within alternative hip hop circles, Anticon's founders have become only tangentially related to hip hop, and the label has begun releasing music in the indie rock and electronica genres.[6] Artists signed to Anticon are based in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The artists within the collective have been known to perform and release music in solo and group form. Artists on the label are known for frequent collaboration, both within and outside of their own collective. However, the Anticon collective has over time evolved into a group of separate artists who, despite sharing a similar progressive and often challenging indie quality, explore different styles of music including electronica and rock.[7] Many of the artists on Anticon are signed to multiple labels, and some have their own small, independent labels through which they have self-released material.

Anticon has also organized art exhibitions featuring visual art by several of the artists on the label.[8][9]

On February 9, 2010, co-founder Sole (Tim Holland) left Anticon exclaiming that it is time to try to push forward and find new opportunities.[10] He leaves citing business and ideological differences while maintaining his love for the artists on Anticon. He said, "There are no ill feelings between myself and members of anticon. I will continue to work with many of the artists and will always love them as brothers and consider them allies." He officially renounced his 1/8 of ownership and formal affiliations.[11][12]



Slug, Ant, Eyedea, DJ Abilities, Mr. Dibbs, Aesop Rock, J. Rawls, Dax Pierson, DJ Signify, Daddy Kev, Josh Martinez, The Notwist, Tunde Adebimpe, Mike Patton, Jessica Bailiff, Andrew Bird, Dark Dark Dark, A Grape Dope, Andrew Broder of Fog, Wise Intelligent of Poor Righteous Teachers, Stefanie Böhm of Ms. John Soda, Circus of Shape Shifters, Scott Matelic, Moodswing9, Matth, Controller 7, D-Styles among others.


The Anticon collective is known for its many musical projects. Not all of these projects are released on the Anticon label. Artists within the Anticon collective have released collaborative albums on different labels or on their own independent labels.

Some notable projects of the Anticon collective include the following:


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